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Since 2010, we have created and provided personalized birthday parties for 100+ homeless children per year. Becoming involved with Extra-Ordinary Birthdays you become part of a community that recognizes the transformative power of birthday celebrations for homeless children.

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Volunteers are essential to helping EOB achieve its core. The generous donation of time, skills, and service from volunteers allows EOB to host individual parties for multiple children at multiple shelters every single month.

Volunteers are the primary building blocks of each Extra-Ordinary party. Their energy sets the tone of the party and is directly responsible for how the child reflects on their day and how all of the other party participants reflect on the overall event. They do more than play the essential role of delivering the parties to children and their families: they offer insights into compassion and openness that may deviate from the typical experiences of the children.

There are several ways to join the EOB Team as a volunteer.

Extra-Ordinary Party Host Volunteer - helping to decorate/set-up, serve snacks and cake, and entertaining kids through games and activities during Extra-Ordinary birthday parties.

Extra-Ordinary Party Planner Volunteer - preparing games, activities, crafts, goody bags, and all other aspects of Extra-Ordinary birthday parties planning prior to party day.

Extra-Ordinary Specialty Volunteer - providing specific services, such as face-painting to coincide with Extra-Ordinary party themes and enhance the birthday fun.

Wish List Specialist - ensuring that every child receives a gift from their wish lists.

Additional volunteer opportunities are also available as volunteer staff—unique EOB volunteer positions created to match and utilize special skill sets with a highly diverse set of duties.

  • Outreach Specialist for Community Partnerships
  • Shelter Outreach Liaison
  • Food Resources Manager
  • Charity Campaign Engagement Coordinator

Creativity, adaptability, organization and care are the key ingredients in the recipe that is the ideal Extra-Ordinary Birthdays volunteer. With their creativity, diversity, and interest to serve, these eager volunteers make EOB happen and lift the organization.


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