While extremely rewarding, being a parent is no easy task, especially if you’re a good one. Our Extra-Ordinary Moms (EOM) program recognizes homeless moms who are utilizing resources and doing their best in raising their children; as we look ahead to Father’s Day this week, we thought it would be nice to acknowledge a dad that really rocks.

If the pictures alone don’t warm your heart up a few notches, we’re sure this brief interview will reveal to you why Mr. Snowden is one of our favorite Dads.

What's your favorite joy of being a father?

The joy of knowing that my name will live on, the smiles that I see on their faces, the genuine true love that they give me no matter what the circumstance is.

And, what’s the biggest challenge? 

Wanting more time with them.

What do you enjoy doing with your kids?

Playing, reading books/bedtime stories, cooking for them, and talking to them.

Tell us something about the day or first few weeks when you became a father.

Well, my first gift to my daughter, Saunte, was a bouquet of assorted flowers. When I held her for the first time I just melted inside, the feeling I had is indescribable. 

What's your favorite Father's Day memory/gift?

The shirt I got with all of my children’s handprints.

We all hear jokes about all the bad ties fathers get for Father’s Day. What would be your ideal Father's Day gift?

A bounce house in the park to watch them play in while I cook on the grill.

Now, that's an extraordinary Dad!

From all of us here at Extra-Ordinary Birthdays, Happy Father's Day to Mr. Snowden and all the Dads out there doing an amazing job with your children. You play a significant role in your children's lives and we salute you for your guidance, strength, patience, and commitment. Keep up the extraordinary work!

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