“This [homelessless] does not define my kids.”

These words spilled from a mother’s lips, as she wrapped her arms around volunteers during her daughter Brandi’s 9th birthday party.

Brandi’s mom, along with the Extra-Ordinary Birthdays team, celebrated the occasion in a shelter in Rosedale, Maryland.

One of many challenges for homeless families like Brandi’s includes finding ways to celebrate birthdays. Where there’s no place to call “home,” how do you host a celebration?

At Brandi’s Doc McStuffins party, Mom was quick to take charge and engage partygoers in a round of pin-the-Band-Aid-on-the-character. She orchestrated game rules and determined how many spins and who went first. The birthday girl’s guests were spinning until dizziness – and fits of giggling – got the best of them.

By including parent(s) in the EOB process, their participation and role in their child’s birthday is emphasized and underlined. It becomes a significant component of the event’s success, while facilitating family engagement and creating memories. This approach gives parents, like Brandi’s Mom, a sense of ownership and fuels their self-esteem. Children see their parents as the source of the celebration, and they feel valued and recognized because of it.

As Brandi’s McStuffins festivities concluded, Mom presented her with gifts and pulled her daughter close to say “I love you” and “I’m proud of you.” This birthday was special, she said, because you are special.

Your support reinforces the wishes of both child and parent. It helps strengthen the parent-child bond. It boosts homeless families’ senses of self-esteem and –worth.

EOB and its dedicated party volunteers work with parents to deliver custom parties that not only honor parents’ wishes, but make their children’s wildest imaginations come true.

Join us in giving magical moments, not only to homeless children, but to their parents as well. Make a tax-deductible donation today!

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