Last month’s book drive—and the unveiling of our Extra-Ordinary Readers program (EOR)—was quite the page-turner. EOB Volunteers, Board Members, families, and friends showed up to make donations, swap stories, and promote literacy's importance in childhood growth and development.

Extra-Ordinary Mom Tanesha—mother to two girls and two boys between ages 3 and 12—continues to charge our reading campaign with her sage advice. Below, find nine clever and easy-to-follow tips and tricks that help keep literacy first in her family of five:

(1) Be persistent. It takes time and patience for kids to realize how magical books can be.

(2) Build a routine. Make reading a daily habit before game-play or going outside.

(3) Find their faves. Seek out stories with concepts and characters your kids are interested in.

(4) Take turns. Have a struggling reader? Swap the story back and forth, reading chapters aloud to each other.

(5) Make ‘em giggle. Inspire fun and silliness when you apply different voices to story characters.

(6) Schedule story nights. Each family member reads a chapter of their favorite book to each other.

(7) Lead by example. Let your kids take turns reading to their younger siblings.

(8) Ask questions. Why did Winnie [the character] do that? How did it make you feel? What would you change about the story?

(9) Reading railway. Instead of traveling to and from school with electronics in tow, schedule a couple of tech-free, books-only commutes each week.

Want to give the gift of literacy to a deserving child? Support Extra-Ordinary Readers here.

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