We have many reasons you should donate to our Extra-Ordinary Readers Program. Here's 5 of them.

(1) It’s a simple, inexpensive gesture that betters the life of a child in need.

Your $5 donation—a little more than the cost of a cup of coffee—buys a themed canvas bag for one of our oh-so-deserving kids. Inside their “reading tote,” they’ll find brand-new books tailored to their age, interests, and grade-level.

(2) It supports Extra-Ordinary Readers.

An extension program of Extra-Ordinary Birthdays, Extra-Ordinary Readers (EOR) delivers brand-new, age-appropriate books to DMV-area homeless children and their families—on top of a personalized birthday party.

(3) Literacy. Literacy. Literacy.

The act of reading helps cement the basic speech and communication skills that are vital to kids’ ability to excel socially and academically. Storytelling (and listening) fosters logical thinking, language mastery, and sturdier relationships, too.

(4) Your favorite childhood book. How did it make you feel?

Do you remember its colorful characters and captivating illustrations? How did it spark and develop your imagination, creativity, and sense of wonderment? Five dollars can help spread that same sense of magic with a new, knowledge-hungry generation.

(5) It’s Read Across America Day!

Today—Thursday, March 2—marks the 20th anniversary of the National Education Association's Read Across America Day, our nation’s largest reading celebration. More than 45 million children, parents, teachers, and others participate to bolster the critical importance of literacy on an extra-special occasion: Dr. Suess’s birthday.

Click the donate button to encourage homeless children to be extraordinary readers!

*All $5 donations will automatically support EOR. If you would like to donate more feel free to message us to indicate that you would like the entire amount to go towards EOR as well.

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