We would not be able to do what we do without our extra-ordinary volunteers. Read about Mallory Huggins and why she volunteers with Extra-Ordinary Birthdays.


 Why EOB?

M: "I heard about EOB through a friend, and was attracted to the idea of doing something genuinely fun and joyful as a volunteer gig. Talking to Schinnell clinched the deal; she's so warm, motivated by her mission, and outrageously organized. Homelessness among children is pretty invisible to most of us most of the time, and it feels important to remember those children and help provide them with the birthday celebrations that every child deserves."


Favorite EOB party memory:

M: "A few years ago, I was throwing a party at Shepherd's Cove for a very grumpy birthday boy. Everyone else at his party was having fun, but he was not having any of it. Then, towards the end, he decided to give up on the grumpiness and finally cracked a smile and started having fun. So satisfying."


How do you spend your days? 

M: "By day, I work as a facilitator on energy, environmental, and health policy issues. Outside of work, I spend a lot of time walking around DC listening to podcasts, tracking down live music, and exploring the city with my friends."


What makes you laugh—like BELLY-laugh? 

M: "My sister does an amazing impression of Kristen Wiig's Target Lady from SNL. She leaves me voicemails in that voice and it makes me laugh so hard, every time."


Who is your personal hero? Why? 

M: "I don't have any one personal hero, but I'm inspired by the people in my life who manage to balance and put equal weight on work that they care about and on nurturing the relationships in their life and having fun. Not everyone can balance those things, but I think well-lived lives must!"


In addition, to creating and providing birthday parties for homeless children, we have additional programs that further our efforts to inspire moments of joy and happiness in the lives of homeless families.

Through our Extraordinary Readers (EOR) Program, we encourage self-worth and forward thinking toward a bright future for homeless children. Each child who receives an Extraordinary Birthdays (EOB) celebration is also treated to a very special party favor—a brand new, age appropriate children’s book, chosen especially for them by our party planning team. EOR supports literacy for all children, regardless of socioeconomic status, as well as pride in ownership of a new book. Books are collected for the program through our annual book drive and our Amazon book drive wish list. We truly appreciate every tax deductible charitable contribution toward adventures in reading for homeless children!


Hyperlink address: https://www.amazon.com/gp/registry/wishlist/?ie=UTF8&cid=A1RZFQ18O7W5T4

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