If you’ve ever liked, retweeted, or shared one of EOB’s dynamically poignant social media posts, you’ve most certainly encountered Lisa Casas. For more than two years, Casas—a Texas-based consultant and oh-so-vibrant wordsmith—has used her industry savvy and compelling images, themes, and campaigns to embed EOB’s mission in the hearts and minds of thousands of people.

Why Extra-Ordinary Birthdays?

“When I first started working with EOB, I was looking to make the most of my professional skill set to do some good in the world. My only criteria at that point was that it needed to be work that I could do mostly online from my home here in Houston, Texas, and the nonprofit had to have a vision and mission that I really believed in. I found a few virtual positions on VolunteerMatch.com and applied to those. They would have been perfectly acceptable choices, but I couldn’t see myself getting especially excited about the work that they did. Then, I saw EOB’s posting in search of a Social Media Volunteer…WOW! I knew I could do the job that was advertised, but for me, it was love at first sight with the vision and mission of ExtraOrdinary Birthdays—focused upon helping people find moments of joy in the midst of tough life circumstances. The positive nature of the work that EOB does really spoke to me on a deep level, because that’s how I try to live my own life…in even the darkest times, finding a reason to celebrate and move forward with hope for a better tomorrow. I knew I had found “The One” with EOB! Due to my strong educational background in nonprofit management and human resources, I was also impressed with the efficient and rigorous recruitment process that was already in place with EOB. That told me what I needed to know—that EOB was already a very well run, established nonprofit organization, and I’d spend my days enhancing something that was already amazing without me.”

Describe your favorite EOB memory.

“You know, it’s impossible for me to answer this question because it seems like just when I think nothing could top the last great thing—something does! I’m very much a behind-the-scenes player with EOB, so unlike other volunteers and partners, I’m not involved in actually carrying out the birthday parties, interacting with the children and families, etc. My great EOB memories involve things that I’ve been able to do on my own, or as part of the team, that have propelled our nonprofit forward in a really positive way. Because I handle EOB’s Twitter account, a lot of my favorite memories involve a social media posting really hitting the mark and communicating the essence of EOB. If the public responds to our vision and mission, and I can tell that something I’ve written has touched a heart, struck a nerve, or gained a new supporter for EOB, then that’s a great memory. I am also enormously proud to be a key member of this dynamic team. Every time EOB or our Founder receives a grant or a special honor, such as Tom’s of Maine 50 States For Good, and being named L’Oréal’s Women of Worth National Honoree, that’s a great personal victory for me and a treasured EOB memory as well. It’s like, ‘Look what WE did…together!”’

How do you spend your days?

“These days I spend my days helping nonprofits and small businesses, and leaders of nonprofits and small businesses, be all that they can be! I work primarily as a strategy consultant, leadership coach, and social media manager. I get such a charge out of guiding leaders as they shape their organizations’ programs, services, and product offerings, and then finding the most creative ways to promote them to the public. I feel so lucky to be doing exactly what I was born to do, and doing it on my own terms working for myself in my role as a consultant. I guess that’s the esoteric version of how I spend my days. Practically speaking, I develop strategic plans, marketing campaigns, act as a sounding board and coach for leaders, and switch back and forth between several social media accounts so I can post, tweet, and share in order to optimize each organization’s online presence that day.”

What makes you laugh — like BELLY-laugh?

“Human behavior and interaction is endlessly entertaining to me…makes me smile and chuckle all the time. I love situation comedies that feature ensemble casts in work settings. “The Office” was a favorite of mine, and now there’s a show I love called “Superstore”, featuring employees working in a WalMart-like store. People at work are FUNNY, because there are all these different personalities thrown together working toward a common goal. People who otherwise would never meet each other are forced to interact and turn out a product or provide a service make for some hilarious situations. And, of course, in sitcoms the character quirks are always exaggerated. Yep, I totally belly laughed at Superstore the other night—more than once!”

Who's your personal hero?

“When I think about a personal hero, I don't think in terms of one individual. I think collectively. My personal heroes are often the ordinary people I read and hear about almost on a daily basis. Due to the nature of my work, I'm always scanning the news and social media. People who inspire me are those who have life challenges to overcome, and get up every day, putting one foot in front of the other and moving forward. They persevere, find solutions to problems, see the positive, aren't afraid to ask for help if they need it, and persist in believing in themselves and their abilities. Those are my role models. I find a tremendous amount of inspiration in the photographs I work with daily for EOB. I see a world of possibilities in the eyes of the children in those pictures—such joy, hope, and gratitude. If a homeless child can find that sort of positivity, despite their current circumstances, then I know I can, too. I am indebted to these children for helping me find the inspiration to overcome my own personal challenges in life.”

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