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Have you seen our Founder, Schinnell Leake in Oprah's magazine?

Three-year-old Savannah—a Doc McStuffins super fan—celebrated in style with friends and family at New Beginning shelter last month. After a rousing round of coloring in customized paper books, guests gingerly glued popsicle sticks to hand-cut paper bears -- simulating the careful work of a real X-ray technician. 

I had a lot of heavy, personal and professional stuff on my mind—and in my heart—the day I served at the shelter.

I needed to get from Columbia, Maryland to DC by 6 p.m., which is prime rush hour. The non-stop rain and general dreariness didn’t help, either.

My day was so busy—and my mind so burdened—that I had just enough time to put dinner in a bowl and eat on the road. (I figured I’d be sitting in traffic, so I might as well. As I sat there in the traffic, I continued to mull over my worries.

At some point, I stopped and said aloud to myself: “It’s time to focus on someone else. You are about to go to a homeless shelter to be with a couple of little girls who are actually living in a shelter and about to celebrate being special! Your life is so blessed and you need to pull it together for these kids. By the grace of God this could have been me or my children!”

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