Partnership Opportunities

The various levels of our partnership program provide opportunities for individuals, businesses and organizations to join in taking an active role in making a positive difference in the homeless family community.


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Visionary Partner

This partnership is ongoing and integral in securing the future of EOB as an effective, (secure, stable, self-sustaining) non-profit organization for the community of metropolitan Washington, D.C.

Visionary Partnership Annual Investment: $10,000

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Leadership Partner

This partnership is vital to daily operations and (efforts) of EOB, including coordination of executive, administrative, and volunteer staff, liaison with families, shelters, and partners, and communication through marketing and promotional campaigns.

Leadership Partnership Annual Investment: $5,000


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Celebration Partner

This partnership is integral in providing 'in-kind' resources and/or services that are utilized for the birthday celebrations. Celebration Partnership Investment: One year commitment for in-kind supplies up to an agreed value, for one or more party items such as: birthday cakes or desserts, healthy snacks, photographer, face painter, moon bounce, etc.

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Professional Partner

This partnership is integral in providing 'In-kind' professional resources to help administer the strategic and operational components of Extra-Ordinary Birthdays, Inc. Professional Partnership Investment: One year commitment for in-kind supplies up to an agreed value, for professional services and/or material such as: design and printing, website design and hosting, database management and hosting, social media management, Professional advice - accounting, legal, etc., marketing.


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Our Partners

Thanks to the following who believe in the power of birthdays and help make Extra-Ordinary Birthdays' work possible.

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Extra-Ordinary Birthdays is proud of and enjoys partnerships with shelters and organizations in the Washington Metropolitan areas. We welcome the opportunity to partner with other shelters and organizations that serve and support the homeless community. We recognize that ours is a community effort that enables us to be a part of helping homeless children survive a childhood most of us cannot imagine. If there is interest and belief that our program may be a good fit for a partnership, feel free to contact us at contact@extraordinarybirthdays.


The Extra-Ordinary Birthdays team gets input from the parents at homeless shelters to plan each party and customize the experience so that the parents and children get to choose a party theme, who they invite, the cake and gift. This approach gives the parents a sense of ownership and helps empower them in being part of their children's birthday. EOB works to alleviate the pressure on homeless parents as birthday celebrations are not always affordable and many homeless parents do not have the resources to celebrate this milestone. Birthdays matter to kids who may not have a permanent home or many special family members. EOB supports homeless parents and their children by bringing all the elements of normalcy and joy that a birthday celebration is able to provide.

Through parent evaluations, EOB continually monitors how we are doing and making sure we are delivering on our mission of providing personalized parties that make the children feel that they  matter and that they are valued. 

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