Due to the recent events around COVID-19 we are holding a special fundraising event to help homeless children in need. Please consider helping by clicking the link below.



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Extra-Ordinary Moms’ (EOM) is a recognition program for mothers dealing with homelessness. Its purpose is to inspire and motivate their self-worth through positive reinforcement, personal development and membership in a supportive community.

The EOM Program encourages determined mothers to feel proud of the progress they make each day to be the best mom they can be with the resources they have. The program supports their efforts by offering an opportunity to:  learn from other women in a birthday party workshop, work with our advisory board, receive a personal self-care kit and attend a special tea recognizing their efforts in moving forward despite their circumstances.

The Extra-Ordinary Mom Program is in honor of Extra-Ordinary Birthdays Founder Schinnell Leake’s recognition as L’Oreal Paris 2015 National Women of Worth Honoree.  The Women of Worth is inspired by the L'Oréal Paris belief that “ every woman is worth it" and honors the intrinsic beauty and worth of extraordinary everyday women.

Julie Holben Butler Remembrance Fund

As a founding board member of Extra-Ordinary Birthdays, Julie Butler was an integral part of our journey to care for some of the vulnerable in the world—children experiencing homelessness. As a woman and a mother, Julie was particularly attuned to the challenges that mothers who are experiencing homelessness face and supported the creation and development of our Extra-Ordinary Moms Program. The Julie Holben Butler Extra-Ordinary Mom Remembrance Fund was established in her honor to exemplify Julie’s resilient spirit by recognizing those Moms who have that same spirit.


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Literacy can enlarge the world for children of all ages. Through our Extra-Ordinary Reader (EOR) Program, we encourage self-worth and forward thinking toward a bright future for homeless children through reading. Each child who receives an Extra-Ordinary Birthdays celebration is also treated to a very special party favor-three brand new, age-appropriate books, chosen especially for them by our EOR team. Extra-Ordinary Readers supports literacy for all children regardless of socioeconomic status, as well as pride in ownership of a new book. Books are collected for the program through our Amazon wish list, annual Barnes & Nobles book fair and direct donations from other caring members of our community. We truly appreciate every tax deductible charitable contribution toward adventures in reading for homeless children!

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Learning can be fun! We aim to encourage our Extra-Ordinary Birthday (EOB) participants to be excited about reading. Each child who receives an EOB party is provided an opportunity to become an Excited Reader. Once the child has read all three books that were received as part of their birthday gift, they will then be awarded a prize and warm congratulations from the EOB team. We hope that an incentivized reading program will lead to a lifelong joy of reading for fun.

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