Vision, Mission, and Core Values

Creating & Providing Birthday Parties for Homeless Children

Every child especially those living without many of the necessities we take for granted - sleeping in the same bed every night, breakfast on the table, safety in the home - deserves to know that their birthday is special. They are important. Their growth matters. Through the customized celebration of kids' birthdays, the Extra-Ordinary Birthdays team fosters and creates moments of pure positivity for children and families; moments and memories that'll be woven into the patchwork of their lives.

Vision Image VISION

Our vision is a community that recognizes the transformative power of birthday celebrations for homeless children, one that empowers their caregivers, and inspires moments of joy and happiness in the lives of homeless families.

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To transform the lives of homeless children by creating personalized birthday parties that make them feel valued and inspire moments of delight in their lives.


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Respect: Extra-Ordinary Birthdays treats our clients colleagues and our community with dignity, equality, courtesy and consideration.

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Commitment: Extra-Ordinary Birthdays is committed to partnering effectively with families, shelters, organizations and communities to carry out our mission with excellence.

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Accountability: Extra-Ordinary Birthdays exercises honesty and responsibility in its actions, decisions, and use of resources.

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Passion and Pride: Extra-Ordinary Birthdays' enthusiasm and passion is conveyed in all of our communications and professional interactions.

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Teamwork and Collaboration: Extra-Ordinary Birthdays' mission is successfully carried out through staff, volunteers and partners sharing ideas talents and resources. In addition, EOB strives to work collaboratively with families, shelters, organizations and communities throughout the world.