We've Got a Sweet Tooth for a Sweet Cause

Is your family ready for the 2023 Hope For Kids Fall Festival?


Get ready to dive into a world of pure imagination at the 2023 Hope For Kids Fall Festival! We’ve sprinkled (did someone say sprinkles?) in some extra magic this year with the enchanting theme of a “Sweet Candyland Adventure!”


Come step into a land where the air is infused with sweet melodies, where every corner is adorned with delectable delights that will make your taste buds tingle, and where joy and laughter sway to the rhythm of excitement.


Indulge in a day filled with food, prizes, dancing, activities/games, fun, and a costume contest that will ignite your creativity like never before. We’ve got some special guests who are just as excited as we are to join in the fun.


Bring the whole family along because this event isn’t just for the kids – it’s a magical experience that will set smiles sparkling on faces of all ages. So, mark your calendars, rally your loved ones, and get ready for a day where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary, and where the word “fun” gets a whole new meaning. See you at the Sweet Candyland Adventure – let’s create memories and support a great cause!

The Adult Experience

The goodness doesn’t stop with the kids – oh no, adults, this one’s for you too! Brace yourselves for an exclusive experience that’s tailor-made to tickle your taste buds and tantalize your senses.

Indulge in the luxurious world of grown-up fun with our signature Hope For Kids Mocktail. We’re rolling out the red carpet of sophistication with a silent auction, a specially curated food menu that’s a culinary masterpiece in its own right, and prize giveaways that will make you feel like you’ve struck gold.

Prepare to be spoiled with a swag bag filled with surprises that will keep the excitement alive long after the event is over. Explore a treasure trove of vendors, each offering their own delightful creations, and immerse yourself in an ambiance that whispers of elegance and joy.

Your Participation Helps Children Experiencing Homelessness

Step into a world of impact at the Hope For Kids Fall Festival & Costume Party – our yearly fundraiser showcasing how birthdays can ignite hope, joy, and self-worth in homeless children. Your support directly translates into personalized birthday parties for kids in need across Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia. Join us in making every celebration a beacon of hope!

Early Bird Discount

Grab your tickets to Hope For Kids by August 31st and unlock a fantastic 10% discount using promo code SWEETHFK. Spread the word to your loved ones too! For returning guests, watch your inbox for an exclusive code. Let’s make this gathering unforgettable – see you soon!

If you can’t make it but want to contribute, donations are warmly welcomed! Your support matters.

Sponsor Hope For Kids, Promote Your Business, Have Fun!

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Extra-Ordinary Birthday’s mission is to transform the lives of homeless children by creating personalized birthdays that make them feel valued and inspire moments of delight in their lives.

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