Due to the recent events around COVID-19 we are holding a special fundraising event to help homeless children in need. Please consider helping by clicking the link below.



Extra-Ordinary T-Shirts

We all know the personal joy that comes from everyone acknowledging your birthday. Keep that joy going while supporting the joy brought to homeless children for their birthday by purchasing an EOB it's My Birthday T-Shirt. Homeless children that receive EOB Celebrations will be able to feel a sense of self-worth and that they matter on their birthday because you gave them a special gift on your birthday by supporting this t-shirt campaign.

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The Ignite the Light Campaign

The Ignite the Light Campaign raises awareness and funds to support the vision, mission, core values, and programs of Extra-Ordinary Birthdays. Each donation you make to this campaign will fund one child's entire birthday party. Get a Birthday Band and collect a Charm for each birthday you fund.


For your donation of $250 you will receive 1 Birthday Band and 1 Charm.

Designed exclusively for the EOB Ignite the Light Campaign, the EOB Birthday Charms are made of an extremely lightweight metal and the EOB Birthday Bands are made of premium leather and embossed with "Ignite the Light." Each additional Charm is $200.

Band Sizes:

  • Youth - 6 inches
  • Small - 7.5 inches
  • Medium - 8 inches
  • Large - 8.5 inches

Measure your exact wrist size allowing 1/4 inch for your Charms, then select the size that is closest to your fit.

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Image of Bracelets