“When you are homeless, the system reminds you of that everyday. Today my daughter did something normal, she went to a birthday party.” —Mom at EOB Party

Although the crisis in family homelessness continues to grow, the personalized birthday celebrations that Extra-Ordinary Birthdays provides give homeless children and their families a moment of normalcy despite their circumstances and shelter settings.


Being able to wish for a birthday that speaks to their interests, wish for their favorite cake, and wish for a specific gift are all elements that EOB provides to homeless children with the goal of addressing those emotional needs that help raise their self-image.


Your donation is not just about celebrating a birthday—which every child deserves, but it is also about being able to be a part of helping homeless children grow and develop despite their circumstances.


Tree Of Hope

Like a tree, hope grows. What if you could be part of a tree of hope that changes the lives of families experiencing homelessness? You can through our Tree of Hope Campaign. The Tree of Hope is displayed at EOB headquarters. Your name will be included at your donation level.

In-kind Donations

Email us to coordinate the drop off of donations at [email protected]. Donations are accepted on Fridays between 4:30 and 6:30 at our headquarters in College Park, Maryland.

Contact Us


P.O. Box 1109 | College Park, MD 20740

Phone Number

(301) 531-5196


Extra-Ordinary Birthday’s mission is to transform the lives of homeless children by creating personalized birthdays that make them feel valued and inspire moments of delight in their lives.

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