The Tree of Hope Grows When We're All In

EOB is revitalized each month when we receive the names and wishes of birthday children we will celebrate. And each month, families living in homeless shelters experience renewed hope in humanity and for life as EOB helps them celebrate the people most important to them.


Like a tree, hope grows. What if you could be part of a tree of hope that changes the lives of families experiencing homelessness?

You can become a root, branch, flower, or leaf on the EOB Tree of Hope by donating today:


$1000: Root

$500: Branch

$250: Flower

$25: Small Leaf

$50: Leaf


With your tax-deductible donation, we will be able to provide personalized gifts, cakes, party décor, and anything extra (because they’re extra!) our celebration team can think of. But the love, hope, and encouragement delivered to families with each party will be the icing on the cake and our final mic drop.


The Tree of Hope is displayed at EOB headquarters. Your name will be included at your donation level.

Contact Us


P.O. Box 1109 | College Park, MD 20740

Phone Number

(301) 531-5196


Extra-Ordinary Birthday’s mission is to transform the lives of homeless children by creating personalized birthdays that make them feel valued and inspire moments of delight in their lives.

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